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astro160 34 - EVA Scissors Assy – EVA Support Equipment...

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SSP 30256:001, Revision F February 7, 1997 3 – 14 TABLE 3.2–2 EVA GENERIC TOOLS AND CREW AIDS – CONTINGENCY DESCRIPTION DRAWING/ PART NUMBER Bolt Puller Assy – Bilateral Tools SEG33106912 Pin Straightner Assy – Bilateral Tools SEG33106913 Compound Cutter SED33104404 General Purpose Cutter SEG33106915 Forceps Assy – Bilateral Tools SEG33106916 Hammer Assy – Bilateral Tools SEG33106917 Hydrazine Brush Assy – Bilateral Tools SEG33106935 Hydrazine Draeger Tube TBD Mechanical Finger Assy – Bilateral Tools SEG33106918 Payload Retention Device SEG33109242 Needle Nose Pliers – Bilateral Tools SEG33106921 Vise Grips Assy – Bilateral Tools SEG33106922 Probe Assy – Bilateral Tools SEG33106923 Pry Bar Assy – Bilateral Tools SEG33106924 Cheater Bar Assy – Bilateral Tools SEG33106926
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Unformatted text preview: EVA Scissors Assy – EVA Support Equipment SED33105525 Socket Extension, Wobble, 1/2 X 8 – Bilateral Tools SEG33108423 Adjustable Wrench Assy – Bilateral Tools SEG33106911 Torque Wrench Assy – Bilateral Tools SEG33106948 Socket Caddy Assy – Bilateral Tools SEG33106938 Tool Caddy Assy – Bilateral Tools SEG33106936 Velcro/Tape Caddy SEG33106941 Rigid Repair Patch Clamp Set 683–33583 1/4” Fluid Line Anchor Patch 1F98521 3/8” Fluid Line Anchor Patch 1F98568 1/2” Fluid Line Anchor Patch 1F98569 3/4” Fluid Line Anchor Patch 1F98528 1” Fluid Line Anchor Patch 1F98570 1 1/2” Fluid Line Anchor Patch 1F98533 Anchor Patch Torque Tool 1F98537 Fluid Line Snare 1F98454 Snare Support Wedge 1F98553...
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