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astro160 36 - Each TM has a set of changeable 12 point...

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SSP 30256:001, Revision F February 7, 1997 3 – 16 ENVELOPE The maximum envelope of the Pistol Grip Tool, including battery, is 14.05 in. x 15.18 in. x 4.03 in. Figure–1 depicts the Pistol Grip Tool envelope. MASS PROPERTIES The maximum weight of the Pistol Grip Tool is 10.0 lbs. Maximum operating weight with battery is 13.5 lbs. TORQUE TOLERANCE The maximum Pistol Grip Tool torque tolerance will be +/– 15 % for torque settings up to and including 90 in–lbs and +/– 10 % for torque settings greater than 90 in–lbs. 3.2.2 RESERVED 3.2.3 TORQUE MULTIPLIER The Torque Multiplier (TM) provides for higher torques than can be produced by the EVA power tool or the EVA ratchet wrench. There are two types of TMs. One interfaces and transfers reaction torque to an ORU or the Space Station structure through a reaction feature compatible with cylindrical Microconical fittings (MCF) and the other interfaces with the square Micro fitting (Micro).
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Unformatted text preview: Each TM has a set of changeable 12 point sockets to accommodate the various height and size EVA compatible fasteners. The changeable sockets are stowed on an EVA tool board and use a drop proof replacement scheme requiring no additional tethering steps. The TMs are designed to provide a positive capture to the reaction fitting and then interface with the power tool or ratchet wrench for the input torque. The right angle drive may also be used between the EVA power tool and the TM. INTERFACE DESCRIPTION The TMs interface and transfer reaction torque to an ORU or to the Space Station structure through a reaction feature compatible with the MCF and Micro robotic interfaces. The TMs provide a torque ratio of 5:1 (output to input) with a tolerance of plus or minus 10%. The TMs interface with the standard EVA 3/8 in. drive ratchet wrench or the EVA power tool. They transmit torque equally in forward and reverse directions....
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