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UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SAN DIEGO DEPT. OF STRUCTURAL ENGINEERING SPRING QUARTER 2012 INSTRUCTOR: P.B. SHING SE 151B – Design of Structural Concrete Homework # 1 (Due April 13) Problem 1 For the plain concrete beam shown in Problem 4.1 in the textbook, consider that a vertical point load is applied at mid-span instead of a uniform load. Consider the self-weight of the beam. Assume that 6,000 psi c f   . 1. With F = 0, determine whether the beam will crack under its self-weight assuming that the modulus of rupture of concrete is 7.5 c f . 2. If the applied vertical load is 10 kips, what will be the minimum longitudinal force F applied at the centroid of the cross section which will prevent the cracking of the beam? 3. If the force F is applied 6 in. below the centroid, what will be the minimum force F required to prevent cracking under the vertical load of 10 kips? What can you conclude with the results from Parts 2 and 3. 4.
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