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HW1 signage post

HW1 signage post - SE131 Homework 1 Use Cosmosworks to...

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Unformatted text preview: SE131, Homework 1 Use Cosmosworks to develop a model to address the question "How close is the stress in the vicinity ofthe cutout to yielding?" Ignore self weight, consider only the static transverse load at the top. Produce report with sufficient level of detail for a preliminary design decision and enough information to allow someone else to pick up where you left off. Be sure to include some data that could be used to establish confidence in your answer. 5 m I Material -- steel 0.005 m “ran“... Outer diameter 0.2 m Prismatic cylinder pipe of circular cross-section Corners rounde off, 0.015 m Baseplate bolted to the foundation A | Horizontal force1 kN > 5.0 m ...
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