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Preliminary Power Plant Design MAE 110A Design Project
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I. Objective It is sought to design a 1000 MW power plant for the purposes of passing this class. A secondary objective is to keep the report to approximately 10 pages in length (excluding title page and references), or less. II. Background The origins of power plants can be traced back approximately 100,000 years, to the discovery of fire. Over the subsequent millennia we have learned to use the heat from fire to run power cycles and generate the electricity used to type this. Now it is desired to design a plant using water as a working fluid and (maybe or maybe not) reheat and regeneration technologies to supply 1000 megawatts (MW) of power. Using this technology is good for reasons that were looked up on the internet and wrote down here and then cited in the References section (see Appendix A-4). III. Design Process Details Since designing a power plant is a very difficult and technical process, all the simplifying assumptions made are listed here in paragraph form, along with concise justifications for each. The design consists of a boiler, five condensers, etc.
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110A_Design_Template - Preliminary Power Plant Design MAE...

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