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Title : Student Name:_________________________________________________________________ Title Page (5 Pts.): 5: Title and rubric present 3: Only title present 0: Neither title and rubric Total: Objective (5 Pts.): 5: Concise statement, refers to 0.1-0.25 kW of work 3: No numerical value in statement 0: Does not exist or copy/pasted from template Total: Background (5 Pts.): 5: 1 paragraph, ~3-4 sentences, related to solar pond and its application 3: 1 paragraph, ~1-2 sentences 1: No relevant information 0: Does not exist or copy/pasted from template Total: Assumptions (5 Pts.): 5: Stated in one place, reasonable, explained/justified; includes the working fluid being used. 4: Stated in one place, reasonable, not explained 3: Stated in one place, unreasonable or incomplete 2: Scattered or very incomplete 0: No assumptions stated ** -1: Not written using paragraph form Total: Description of Schematic (5 Pts.): 5: All components named, relevant appendix cited 4: All components named, no citation of appendix
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