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GOLD - inflation and a world economic or political disaster...

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GOLD A precious metal. Gold is used by industry (electronics, dentistry, space, and  defense) and in jewelry because of its special properties: electrical conductivity,  durability,   luster,   and   malleability.   It   has   been   used   throughout   history   as   a  medium of exchange (money), as a store of value, and for hoarding. Gold is  measured in karats. Pure gold is twenty-four karat. Gold is a speculative investment vehicle. Gold is often held as a hedge against 
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Unformatted text preview: inflation and a world economic or political disaster. Gold can be physically purchased as coins, bullion, or jewelry or through gold futures and futures options contracts, gold mining stocks, mutual funds, and gold certificates. Gold can be acquired and held as gold bullion in quantities of 5-gram to 400-gram bars or 32.15 troy ounces (a popular size)....
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