Syllabus - ACCOUNTING 411/511 FINANCIAL AUDITING Fall 2011...

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ACCOUNTING 411/511 FINANCIAL AUDITING Fall 2011 INSTRUCTOR: Terry Kubichan OFFICE: Constant Hall 2179 Office Hours: Monday12-3pm, Wednesday 1:30-3pm and by appointment PHONE NUMBER: 683 – 4346 Email: [email protected] Websites: ODU Accounting Department Blackboard A. CATALOG DESCRIPTION: Lecture, case study, and discussion-- 3 hours; 3 credits. Pre- or co-requisites: Accounting 301 with a C or better, senior standing or permission of the chief departmental advisor. Students must have a C- or better in ACCT 411 to graduate with a concentration in accounting. Standards and ethics of the public accounting profession, generally accepted auditing standards, and public reporting are covered as well as exposure to other types of auditing, such as operational and compliance auditing. B. LEARNING GOALS: 1. Ethics – Students can recognize and analyze ethical dilemmas and select a resolution for practical accounting situations. 2. Written Communication – Students can communicate an issue in a coherent written presentation. Students will be able to write clearly using proper grammar and spelling. 3. Analytical Problem Solving – Students can apply methods from a variety of disciplines to solve business problems. 4. Global Perspective – Students will have a global business perspective. 5. Accounting and Business Knowledge – Students will have competency in basic accounting and business. Required Materials: 1. "Auditing & Assurance Services", Arens, Elder Beasley; 13 th . There is a customized version on sale at the bookstore to try to keep the cost of the book down. 2. Old Dominion Email address to access blackboard 3. Grades and handouts are on the blackboard website . The user id is your ODU email account without the part and the password is your email password. You must have an ODU email account to access blackboard. All grades are posted on blackboard. GRADE POINTS: Auditing 411 Exam 1 100 Exam 2 100 Exam 3 100 Cases Studies and class exercises 100 TOTAL 400 Grading Scale: A = 93 - 100, A- = 90 - 92 B+ = 87 - 89, B = 83 - 86, B- = 80 - 82 C+ = 77 - 79, C = 73 - 76, C- = 70 - 72 D = 60 - 69, F below 60
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DATE Class Schedule (read prior to class) Cases 08/31 Introduction, Group assignments, Case explanations 09/07 Chapter 1 The Demand for Auditing
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Syllabus - ACCOUNTING 411/511 FINANCIAL AUDITING Fall 2011...

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