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final review - Acct 411 Exam 3 Review Chapter 1 1....

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Acct 411 Exam 3 Review Chapter 1 1. Definition of assurance services – an independent professional service that improves the quality of information for decision makers 2. The five categories of attestation services a. audit of historical financial statements b. audit of internal control over financial reporting c. review of historical financial statements d. attestation services on information technology e. other attestation services that may be applied to a broad range of subject matter 3. Definitions of operational and compliance audits a. Operational audit – evaluates the efficiency and effectiveness of any part of an organizations operating procedures and methods b. Compliance audit – is conducted to determine whether the auditee is following specific procedures, rules, or regulations set by some higher authority Chapter 2 1. Know which standards apply to which services and who creates them a. PCAOB auditing standards – audits of public co b. GAAP and SAS – audits of private co 2. Know the 10 generally accepted auditing standards and their breakout into general, fieldwork, and reporting standards page 34-35 General Field Work Reporting T technical training S supervision and planning W with accordance to GAAP I independence I internal control A adequate
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final review - Acct 411 Exam 3 Review Chapter 1 1....

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