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Marketing 1-20 - Slide 3-2 Organizational forces are actors...

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Slide 3-2 Organizational forces are actors close to the company Suppliers-good relationships, supply a variety? Customer Markets 1. Consumer Market: Personal consumption of products 2. Business Market: Production of goods and services 3. Reseller Market: Wholesalers and retailers 4. Government Market: Local to state to national 5. International Market: Growing Marketing Intermediaries: value add 1. Resellers 2. Physical distribution firms: transport th product 3. Marketing service agencies: Promotion and advertising of products 4. Financial Intermediaries: Banks, Credit companies, insurance companies 5. Publics: Local Publics: Smithfield Foods, General publics: Public-at-large, Internal publics: employees volunteers and board of directors Slide 3-4: Social Forces Demographics: Measurable characteristics pertaining to the human population (census) -Age: Children 4-12 Teens 13-17 Generation Y-millenials 1977-1994, 72million (26%), first generation to grow up online Generation X 1965-1976, 49million (15%), Self reliant, better educated than previous gens. Baby Boomers 1946-1964, 78 million (27.5%), youthful image, good source of marketing Seniors – born prior to 1945, 13% of US population -Size and composition of household: -Geography: Cities to suburbs to more remote suburbs(exurbs) and movement to smaller towns(penturbia) Movement from NE and Midwest to south and west (coastal areas) -Occupation: Decrease in manufacturing jobs Increase in white collar, professional jobs Increase in services industry Occupation and education is increasing -Race and Ethnicity
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Hispanic Americans African Americans Asian Americans By 2050, Non Hispanic whites will make up only 50% of the population
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