Marketing chap 10

Marketing chap 10 - Product good service person place idea...

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Product: good, service, person, place, idea Layers of the tangible product Classifying consumer products 1. How long they last Durable – designed to last a while, high involvement great deal of info Ex: autos Nondurable – consumed in the short time low involvement little information Ex: food 2. How consumers can buy them a. Convenience product – nondurable good or service, purchased frequently with minimum comparison and effort, low priced, widely available a.i. Staples: milk bread gas a.ii. Emergency products: draino a.iii. Impulse products: gum, candy 3. Shopping products : comparison of alternatives: price, product quality, or attributes. Represents limited problem solving decision. different characteristics: price based. Attribute based: focus on best product selection 4. Specialty based products – unique characteristics that are important to buyers at any price a. Loyal to specific brands b. Extended problem solving decision b.i. Ex>big screen tv 5. Unsought product : consumer has little awareness or interest until the need arises a. Ex: insurance Product Mix: width, or entire range of products produced by a company Product line: total product offerings designed to satisfy a single product need
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Marketing chap 10 - Product good service person place idea...

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