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Marketing chap 17

Marketing chap 17 - 4 Merchandising conglomerate –...

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Wheel of retailing hypothesis: 1. How a retailer is born 2. Compusa, Circuit City, HQ Organizational approach : 1 way retailers can be classified 1. Independent retailer – owned by individual, most predominant form. EX: hardware stores, convenience store, clothing 2. Corporate chain store – 2 or more outlets that are commonly owned and operated. EX: grocery stores, department stores. 3. Contractual system – franchise organizations, independent stores that band together to act like a chain a. Business format franchise - step by step procedures for most aspects of the business (McDonalds) – entire service level offering b. Product distribution franchise – focus is more on the product itself: car dealership
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Unformatted text preview: 4. Merchandising conglomerate – combines several different retailing lines under one certain owner. EX: limited brands – victorias secret 2 nd way retailers can be classified: level of service : 1. Self service: all non essential customer service is eliminated. EX: Sam’s club, dollar store 2. Limited service: provide some services such as credit and merchandise return. EX: Wal-Mart, JC penny 3. Full service: provide a variety of supporting service and sales associates generally have more training. EX: Nordstrom ( high end dept. stores and specialty retail stores)...
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