Marketing retail remainder

Marketing retail remainder - 3. Retailers can be...

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3. Retailers can be classified: merchandise selection Merchanidse breadth: Variety of number of product lines available Narrow – limited selection of product lines Broad – wide range of product lines Merchandise depth: extent of the offering within the product line Shallow – selection within the product category/line is limited Deep – great deal of selection within the product line Merchandise Breadth Narrow Broad Kiosk cart 1 Convenience stores 2 Specialty stores 3 Department stores – Macy’s Supermarkets Superstores Category Killer – home depot, best buy Hypermarket stores – combo of warehouse and supermarket 4 Figure 17-8: Value added: Location, prestige, product reliability Retail mix Retail pricing = price Store location = place Retail communication = promotion Merchandise = product (merchandise breadth and depth) Retail pricing: premium, regular, bargain discount price Everyday low pricing: offer consistently low prices, eliminate markdowns of product Everyday fair pricing: may not offer the lowest price, but seek to create value
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Marketing retail remainder - 3. Retailers can be...

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