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Latin 1, Fall 2011 IMPERFECT AND PERFECT TENSE Imperfect tense: present active stem + -bā- + personal ending (Recall that the present active stem is simply the infinitive minus “-re”: servā- or vidē-) IMPERFECT Singular Plural First person -bam -bāmus Second person -bās -bātis Third person -bat -bant “servō, servā re, servāvī” (to save) First person servābam I was saving servābāmus we were saving Second person servābās you were saving servābātis you (pl.) were saving Third person servābat he/she was saving servābant they were saving “videō, vidē re, vīdī” (to see) First person vidēbam I was seeing vidēbāmus we were seeing Second person vidēbās you were seeing vidēbātis you (pl.) were seeing Third person vidēbat he/she was seeing vidēbant
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Unformatted text preview: they were seeing Perfect tense: perfect active stem + perfect personal ending (Recall that the perfect active stem is the third principle part minus -: servv- or vd-) PERFECT Singular Plural First person--imus Second person-ist-istis Third person-it-runt serv, servre, servv (to save) First person servv I saved servvimus we saved Second person servvist you saved servvistis you (pl.) saved Third person servvit he/she saved servvrunt they saved vide, vidre, vd (to see) First person vd I saw vdimus we saw Second person vdist you saw vdistis you (pl.) saw Third person vdit he/she saw vdrunt they saw...
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