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Latin 1, Fall 2011 Personal Pronouns: “I” (ego) and “you” (tū) “I” Singular Plural Nominative ego (I) nōs (we) Dative mihi (to/for me) nobis (to/for us) Accusative (me) nōs (us) “you” Singular Plural Nominative (you) vōs (you pl.) Dative tibi (to/for you) vobis (to/for you pl.) Accusative (you) vōs (you pl.) Personal Endings for Verbs First person sg. (ego) -o/-m First person pl. (nōs) -mus Second person sg. (tū) -s Second person pl. (vōs) -tis Third person sg. -t Third person pl. -nt _______________________________________________________________________
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