verbs2 - responde, respondre, respond (to reply) rde, rdre,...

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PRINCIPLE PARTS FOR VERBS: CAMBRIDGE LATIN COURSE , STAGES 1-6 First Conjugation labōrō, labōrāre, labōrāvī (to work) present act. stem_______ perfect act. stem_______ gustō, gustāre, gustāvī (to taste) intrō, intrāre, intrāvī (to enter) laudō, laudāre, laudāvī (to praise) salūtō, salūtāre, salūtāvī (to greet) circumspectō, circumspectāre, circumspectāvī (to look around) portō, portāre, portāvī (to carry) vocō, vocāre, vocāvī (to call) ambulō, ambulāre, ambulāvī (to walk) spectō, spectāre, spectāvī (to watch, look at) stō, stāre, stetī (to stand) festīnō, festīnāre, festīnāvī (to hurry) pulsō, pulsāre, pulsāvī (to hit) superō, superāre, superāvī (to overpower) vituperō, vituperāre, vituperāvī (to curse, tell off) Second Conjugation sedeō, sedēre, sēdī (to sit)
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Unformatted text preview: responde, respondre, respond (to reply) rde, rdre, rs (to laugh) vide, vidre, vd (to see) habe, habre, habu (to have) Third Conjugation bib, bibere, bib (to drink) surg, surgere, surrx (to stand up) ag, agere, g (to do) coqu, coquere, cox (to cook) quaer, quaeere, quaesv (to ask, seek) redd, reddere, reddid (to give back) vnd, vendere, vendid (to sell) contend, contendere, contend (to hurry) curr, currere, cucurr (to run) pet, petere, petv (to head for, attack, seek) plaud, plaudere, plaus (to clap) em, emere, m (to buy) scrb, scrbere, scrps (to write) Fourth Conjugation dormi, dormre, dormv (to sleep) audi, audre, audv (to hear) veni, venre, vn (to come)...
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