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L ING 50: Introduction to Linguistics Homework 1 (100 points) Due Friday, June 25 th at the beginning of class Write or type your answers to the following questions on a separate sheet of paper. If you decide to hand-write your assignment, make sure your writing is legible; illegible assignments will not be graded. Please ensure that your name is on your assignment , and that (if you have used multiple pages) all pages are stapled . Prescriptivism vs. descriptivism 1. (5 pts.) Linguistics attempts to be a descriptive science rather than a prescriptive one. Briefly explain what this means. General Phonetics 2. (5 pts.) What is the difference between articulatory phonetics and acoustic phonetics ? 3. (14 pts.) Do exercise A in chapter 1 of Ladefoged & Johnson, henceforth L&J (p. 25). 4. (13 pts.) Do problems 1 13 from exercise D in chapter 1 of L&J (p. 26-28). Instead of circling, it’s okay to simply list the words you choose.
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Unformatted text preview: 5. (3 pts.) What are the three primary feature types by which consonants can be identified? ________ features, ________ features, and ________ features. Differences between Spelling and Pronunciation 6. (9 pts.) Find at least three words that contain different English spellings of the sound [f]. Give both the English spelling and the IPA transcription of each word. 7. (15 pts.) Find at least five words in which the English letter "a" is pronounced differently. Give both the English spelling and the IPA transcription of each word. 8. (36 pts.) How many segments are in the following words? Transcribe each word into the IPA, with a broad/phonemic transcription. (If you are unsure of their pronunciations, check a dictionary such as Webster's or the Oxford English Dictionary.) boxes captain Tchaikovsky hopping bludgeon knowledge pleasure rough worthy psychology vacuum strength...
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