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Physics 152S Winter 2012 Problem set # 1 Due Wednesday Jan. 18 by 5pm Hand in to your TA’s mailbox in the basement. Note: Make sure to put your name, student number, section number (eg T0101) and TA’s name at the top of your problem set. Also, show your work, be neat, and label any graphs or figures if necessary. Only two of the following questions, or parts of questions, will be marked. 1. ( Knight P15.40, p. 472 ) The container shown in the figure is filled with oil (density 900 kg/m 3 ). It is open to the atmosphere on the left (Atmospheric pressure is 101.3 kPa). (a) What is the pressure (in kPa) at point A? (b) What is the pressure difference between points A and B? Between points A and C? A B C y (cm) 100 75 50 25 0 2. (Archimedes’ Principle) A block of wood floats in water with two-thirds of its volume submerged. In alcohol the block floats with 0.90 of its volume submerged. Find the density of (a) the wood and (b) the alcohol.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. In Figure 15.30 on page 461 of Knight, how the stream of water emerging from a faucet ”necks down” as it falls. The cross-sectional area of the faucet opening is 1.2 cm 2 , and 45 mm down the flow tube diameter narrows and the area becomes 0.35 cm 2 . At what rate does water flow from the tap? 4. Assuming that air can be treated as an ideal fluid explain, with the aid of sketches, why it is that on a windy day it is always windier (at ground level) near the base of the tower of the physics building than it is far from the tower. Why is the height, as well as the width, of a building relevant to the wind speed near the ground? (Note that the assumption that air is an ideal fluid is not very good because the air flow becomes turbulent, especially on the “downstream” side of obstructions such as buildings. Upstream it may not be so bad.)...
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