1 most moderates want something done to stop illegal

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Unformatted text preview: fare, health care) Nationalism: America first principle: a country with porous borders will lose its sovereignty and identity…promote what it is to be American (such as speaking English, obeying the law, etc.) 1) Most moderates want something done to stop illegal immigration; but 2) Business wants illegal workers because they work hard for low pay Pragmatism: 1) Enforce the law, the country is being overwhelmed by illegal immigration; 2) business wants to maintain status quo, do nothing, illegal immigration is not a problem Conservative Moderate Economic Benefit: Illegal immigrants contribute to our society and economy Public Safety: crack down on illegal behavior (breaking immigration laws) Economic Cost: Illegal immigrants cost the taxpayers more in social services than they contribute in taxes Prayer in School Prayer Ideology Position on the Issue Primary Reasons for Position Liberal Religion should be kept out of schools; children can learn religion at home or in church 1st Amendment: separation of church and state principle (This has been the majority position of the US Supreme Court since the 1960s) Conservative Religion teaches morality; children need moral guidance; taking prayer out of schools has contributed heavily to the moral degradation of society (e.g., breakdown of the family, divorce, drug use, condoning homosexuality) 1st Amendment: does not prohibit prayer; praying does not establish a religion in a school (This has been a minority position of 1 or 2 justices on the US Supreme Court since the 1960s) Morality: Religion teaches an ethical code (right v. wrong) Moderate Prayer is a good thing; it doesn’t hurt anybody Morality: children need a moral code in their lives Civil Liberties v. Public Safety Civil A delicate balance: freedom v. police power – Our government has an obligation to protect the public from criminals and from foreign enemies but it also has an obligation to protect the civil liberties of honest, law­abiding people – America would no longer be a free country without civil liberties (which are fundamental freedoms) But America would also no longer be a free country if the public had to live under a constant threat of attack by criminal gangs or by foreign terrorists – Domestic Spying – The civil liberty/public safety struggle has been relevant in the post 9/11 era because of the domestic spying (or terror surveillance) program, started under Bush after 9/11 and so far continued under Ob...
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