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Diplomacy must be backed up with an open willingness

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Unformatted text preview: the Vietnam War (1965­ 1973) The Iraq War intensely divided the country Use of Force/War Use Ideology Position on the Issue Primary Reasons for Position Liberal 1) Use all means of diplomacy before considering military action against another country, 2) assemble a multi-lateral coalition of nations when force becomes necessary, 3) work with the United Nations (UN) whenever possible 4) in war, find opportunities to deescalate the conflict, move to end hostilities “Good Will” diplomacy --or-- the “Good Neighbor” doctrine Conservative 1) Diplomacy must be backed up with an open willingness to use force, 2) act unilaterally to maintain America’s freedom of action in the world (don’t be hostage to a coalition), 3) ignore the UN when it opposes U.S. interests, 4) in war, escalate conflict, capitalize on the mistakes the enemy makes under pressure, end hostilities once the enemy is defeated “Clutched Fist” diplomacy –or– the “Peace Through Strength” doctrine Do what is necessary to protect U.S. interests; act unilaterally or multilaterally, whichever best suits U.S. goals Pragmatism/Nationalism: America first principle Moderate (TR’s “speak softly but carry a big stick”) Patriotism Patriotism Ideology Position on the Issue Primary Reasons for Position Liberal It is not unpatriotic to question the government’s motives for war, to want our leaders to pursue different policies; and it is hard to wave the flag when there is so much to improve about America here at home (the glass is half-empty view) Civil Liberty: Dissent is healthy for democracy; dissent is a fundamental right for all citizens Conservative We should all support the war effort; dissenters are undermining U.S. efforts by opening up a battle for public opinion at home; America is the greatest country in the world and we should all cherish this country (the glass is half-full view) Nationalism: Always support the country in a time of war Moderate America is the no. 1 target of terrorists; we should support the war effort Nationalism: We should support the government in time of war Which Issues Favor Which Ideology in America? Which Issues Favor Which Ideology in America? Issue Abortion Liberal Conservative Gay Marriage Immigration Prayer in School Accused Terrorists Reason for Advantage Abortion will likely remain legal, even if Roe v. Wade is overturned States increasingly passing bans on Gay Marriage Open immigration today, but social c...
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