Public safety protect the public from murderers

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Unformatted text preview: low government the legal power to kill Civil liberty: the accused are entitled to certain protections from government, protection against death is one of them Conservative Vicious murderers are so heinous they deserve to be put to death; does a Saddam Hussein or a serial killer really deserve to live? Public safety: protect the public from murderers Vicious murderers should be put to death. Appeal to Fairness/Morality: the victim is dead, so why should a brutal murderer live? Moderate Appeal to Fairness/Morality: why should a heinous murderer live when the victim dies? The Size of Government The Bigger versus smaller government – The issue involves how much government should do? Should government provide health care to the public—or should people be responsible for their own health care, by paying for it themselves or by purchasing insurance? Should government fund the development of an alternative energy source (to oil)—or should the energy companies, automobile companies and consumers determine America’s energy future? – Economics – in a broader since, the “size of government” debate is about capitalism and som Bigger government leans toward som, more government control of society…smaller government leans toward capitalism, less government control of society – Government Always Grows: No politician dares to cut the size of government because doing so would take a benefit away from someone who is currently receiving that benefit, making it seem as if politicians are hurting people Taxation Taxation Ideology Position on the Issue Primary Reasons for Position Liberal We need taxes to pay for programs that help the children, the poor and elderly; we need taxes to pay down the federal deficit/debt; higher taxes will help balance the budget and thus reduce interest rates and stimulate the economy Govt activism/bigger govt: government should provide basic necessities to the public (som/equality), programs for children, the poor and elderly that provide health care and income support are a few such examples Conservative We need lower taxes so that people can have more money to support themselves, their families and their favorite charities; lower taxes will stimulate the economy, ultimately bringing in more money to pay down the deficit/debt Smaller govt/ capitalism: money is spent more productively by people and businesses than by government; g...
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