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It legal but also allow for some regulations 24 hour

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Unformatted text preview: al right (civil liberty): all human beings have a right to life Moderate Abortion is legal; let’s keep it that way and not re-fight the issue Pragmatism: Let’s find a compromise: keep it legal, but also allow for some regulations (24 hour waiting period, parental consent) Same-Sex (Gay) Marriage Same-Sex Ideology Position on the Issue Primary Reasons for Position Liberal Marriage is a civil liberty that should be available to gays; homosexuality is not wrong and should be tolerated and accepted by society Personal freedom/civil liberty: consenting adults should have a right to form a life-long legal contract Conservative Marriage has always been between a man and a woman; the purpose of marriage is to raise children; homosexuality is wrong and should not be condoned by society Tradition, morality, religion: tradition supports marriage as it currently exists; the Bible condemns homosexuality Moderate Marriage has always been between a man and a woman and should remain that way. Pragmatic: why change what has worked for so long Same­Sex Marriage Debate The gay marriage debate has been contentious in 44 states across America 6 states have legalized gay marriage (plus DC) 7 other states have legalized civil unions 31 states have passed constitutional bans against gay marriage, including Texas (Illegal) Immigration (Illegal) Ideology Position on the Issue Primary Reasons for Position Liberal 1) Most illegal immigrants come here to work: they pick the fruit we eat, build our roads, etc.; they should not be viewed as criminals; they should have an opportunity for citizenship Land-of-opportunity principle: America provides a place where people can come to make a better life, and this should be promoted 1) There is a legal way to enter this country and those who don’t should be punished; otherwise, we will encourage more illegal behavior; 2) Immigrants should assimilate (i.e., learn English) and show loyalty to America; 3) Secure the border: stop illegal human trafficking (illegal immigrants & potentially terrorists); 4) Costs to taxpayers are skyrocketing (education, wel...
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