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To know the charges against them and a right to a

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Unformatted text preview: ama (though it is not controversial under Obama) – Other public safety/civil liberty issues: civil liberties for accused terror suspects, gun control, and the death penalty Accused Terror Suspects Accused Ideology Position on the Issue Primary Reasons for Position Liberal Even terrorists have a right to an attorney, a right to know the charges against them, and a right to a jury trial; all persons, not just US citizens, should have basic civil liberty protections Civil liberties: The accused must be protected from the potential abuse of government power; and indefinite detentions are an abuse of government power Conservative Terrorists are enemy combatants and should be detained for the duration of the war on terrorism; a terrorist will be less likely to reveal information about plans for future terrorist attacks if that terrorist has access to a lawyer or to the courts Public Safety: government must protect the public from the next terrorist attack by squeezing information out of detainees Moderate Win the war by whatever means necessary Pragmatism: do what works to defeat the enemy Gun Control Gun Ideology Position on the Issue Primary Reasons for Position Liberal Handguns are the weapon of choice in most violent crime; there are far too many irresponsible people with guns, therefore government should regulate gun ownership among the public; 2nd Amendment is outdated, suited for the 18th Century, not the 21st Century Public Safety: Gun laws are necessary to protect the public from those who are irresponsible with guns; fewer guns in society would translate to less crime Conservative The 2nd Amendment protects an individual’s right to bear arms, which includes handgun ownership for law-abiding citizens; people should have a right to defend themselves; the police cannot protect every person from criminal attack 2nd Amendment: right to keep and bear arms Assault weapons should continue to be banned; handguns are legal and should remain that way Pragmatism: find a compromise between liberals and conservatives Moderate Fundamental right (civil liberty): right to self defense Death Penalty Death Ideology Position on the Issue Primary Reasons for Position Liberal Even vicious murderers can be rehabilitated; there are too many flaws in the system; the likelihood of killing an innocent man is too high; governments that go bad can kill millions of their own people; it is too dangerous to al...
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