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1993 shifted egocentre deviated spontaneous eye head

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Unformatted text preview: le (via posterior parts of the middle longitudi ciculus [MdLF] and EmC/IOF). Involvement of these connec •  Definition: Spatial neglect is a “failure to report, respond, or orient to novel or meaningful stimuli presented to the side oppo- site the brain lesion when this failure cannot be attributed to either sensory or motor defects” (Heilman et al. 1993) •  Shifted egocentre, deviated spontaneous eye & head network for spatial neglect position deficit, studies based on structural brain imaging •  Unaware of shifted egocentre the individuals are unaware of their shifted spatial eg ajor cortical areas straddling the sylvian fissure: ietal junction (TPJ) and inferior parietal lobule et al., 2010; Heilman et al., 1983; Karnath, Rennig, rden, 2011; Mort et al., 2003; Rengachary, He, Fig. 1. (a) Example of the spontaneous eye and head orientation o and waiting. The patients typically orient eyes and head toward t situated on the right side. However, the room was empty with only The eye-in-head deviation is even evident on the clinical brain scans associated with spatial neglect rather than with brain damage per of a group of 12 patients with spatial neglect (upper panel) during patients without neglect (lower panel). The neglect patients show a Fruhmann-Berger, Johannsen, & Karnath, 2008). (eye and head) default position. Despite variations in of cognitive tasks, this spontaneous behavior appears consistent and suggests that there is a unitary, homo 45 deficit which we define as “spatial neglect” (illustrate What is spatial neglect? •  Neglect patients have trouble with writing and drawing •  May shave only one side of the face, or dress only the right side of their body •  Line bisection? neglect = attentional deficit? or neglect = deficit of spatial awareness => attentional deficit Mesulam, 2000 46 What is spatial neglect? Neglect patients have NO trouble with voluntary eye •  Neglect patients search only on the movements A Q N Voluntary Search Task A P K A R D Y A O T H J L A I L O O F N P K P R D Y M T H O E I L J L O C G F V Z T L F SK UZ O Y F N R D W D I Voluntary saccades L M X S X K N Y E W C B Q C I Z R B U V N E H U G I V S F J Q O S WP Rightward P A G Z M Leftward B A Stimulus-driven search task A H T W Y I A right side but voluntary saccades are the same in both direction...
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