Neglect symptoms can be significantly reduced with

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Unformatted text preview: s. •  Stimulus-driven saccades in leftward direction are impaired. A D A T K Q N X S A U A A A E W A Z M A C C A Q B K N B R U A G A F Z E H V A V S A I A S J A M P G A S B T W PT P Stimulusdriven saccades 1° Niemeier & Karnath (2003) 100 ms 47 What is spatial neglect? Neglect symptoms can be significantly reduced with caloric stimulation. •  Caloric stimulation •  Perenin (1997): improving visual imagery w/o caloric stimulation with caloric stimulation 48 reme right and spent most of the time at location in space. The maximum of ther lay `only' 158 right of the peak controls. Spontaneous visual search ed towards more eccentric positions on What is spatial neglect? Head-on-trunk signal in neglect patients •  Neglect patients ( argue for a deviation of ¢ndingsoften) have a ce representation underlying neglect d space. However, they leave ration of isturbed sense for l gestaltstraight ahead. of the deviated representation. theses have been put forward (see ¢gure N ' O R ` T R A N S L AT ION ' OF E N T R IC F R A M E ? estion has been a rotation of the whole rence frame around the earth-vertical ard the ipsilesional side (Ventre et al. et al. 1993); another has been a translation eference system towards the side of the t al. 1995). sh between both hypotheses, neglect tion of subjective body orientation was wo di¡erent distances away from the In complete darkness, a red light-emitD) was randomly presented either on he right side of the patient's midsagittal he area of LED presentation ranged (b) Karnath, 1997 49 What is spatial neglect? T R U N K O R I E N T A T I O N IN N E G L E C T Head-on-trunk signal in neglect patients 3 22 •  Neglect symptoms improve when the trunk turns to the left. III II LVF FP R V F y a »a 7° D x 15? m ent o f t he e gocentric m idline o f t he b ody-centered repr esentation o f v isual space 9 T hus i t c an be a ssumed t hat t he c ompensatory e ffect o f n eck v ibration o n n eglect s ymptomatology is s pecific i n t hat i t i nfluences t he c entral r epresentation o f e gocentric space r ather t han b y p roducing a rousal a nd a ctivation d ue t o u nspecific s ensory s timulation o n t he c ontralesional side o f t he body. To f urther test this ass umption, t he p resent s tudy c ompared, a t t he...
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