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Andrew Kelley Religion 121E Postmodernism and Pessimism in Society Today As our culture has shifted from an era of modernism to postmodernism, there is one issue that is always affecting us. This new era of postmodernism is very pessimistic, and has negative views of our society today. As a class, when we were asked to describe our culture today, we came up with a long list of ideals and issues in our world. Unfortunately, most of those issues and ideals were negative. Postmodernism has caused a shift to negative thinking because there is no more dualism and postmodernism is a rebellion against modernism. Firstly, a shift from dualism to freethinking has coincided with the shift from modernity to post modernity, giving us a negative view of society. When the idea of modernism was created during the time of the Enlightenment, it was thought that science would give the answer to absolute truth. However, as our world shifted from modernism to postmodernism, we discovered that “the sciences, including the natural sciences, can no longer have the absolute authority that modernity claimed for them” (Westphal, “Blind Spots”, 3). The scientific hopes of the Enlightenment were gone. With this shift
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This essay was uploaded on 04/07/2008 for the course RELIGION 121 taught by Professor Ghodes-luhman during the Fall '07 term at St. Olaf.

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Reflection Paper - Andrew Kelley Religion 121E...

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