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Chapter 11 Discussion Questions Andrew Kelley 1. Why was there such a constant change in the perception that an atomic bomb could really be created? 2. Otto Frisch talks about how he continued his research because “some German scientists had the same idea and were working on it”. Should there be a moral aspect involved in the reasons to keep researching? 3. Why did it take so long in other countries (like Russia and Japan) to commence bomb research? Didn’t they understand the issues discussed in many physicist publications? 4. Fermi and Szilard finally got their money for pure graphite nearly three months after Roosevelt declared it important. Why did it take so long? 5. When Briggs got his money for research, the government decided not to give more for Fermi and Szilard’s experiments.
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Unformatted text preview: Why do they never seem to get their money? 6. Do you believe it is necessary to keep scientific secrets in wartime? If so, why is Fermi always against it? If opposed, why does Szilard constantly support it? 7. McMillan is one of the few scientists who made an important discovery without some luck. Why was he so persistent to return to his research nearly 3 years after it started? 8. While America took a long time to get involved in the war, why did it take them so long to begin to research radar (1940)? Surely they did not devote all of their resources to bomb research? 9. Why did it take so long to get scientists to finally protect themselves from radioactivity? What do you think really convinced them to protect themselves?...
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