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Speech: Title: Who Will You Choose General purpose: to persuade. Specific purpose: After listening to my speech, audience members will be moved to think more about our government and be inspired to make change. Thesis: Our system needs to be re-worked. Who should I vote for? That is the same question that has been in the back of the minds of Americans since January. Clinton, McCain, Obama… I just don’t know! This is the first election that I will get to be apart of and I want to get it right. This is a very big decision because, “every vote counts”. Or does it? Does our system really work when it comes to the majority and what we want as a whole? I don’t think so. I must be naive in my thinking that the place that I call home is supposed to be the United States of America not the Partisan States of America. I cannot knowingly stand before you and present a speech on why you should vote for a specific candidate because I would be denying my own beliefs. I am saddened when I think that this is the first election that I will be apart of and McCain, Clinton, and Obama are what I have to work with. Over the past week I spoke with a few people to get their views on the candidates and most said that they wouldn’t vote for McCain because of the War in Iraq and his want to see it continued. In my opinion, the reason that we are loosing so much money in Iraq isn’t because of all the ammunition and salaries, it’s the money that we spend on the Starbucks and Subway that our boys in fatigues drink and eat on a daily basis. The majority of people that I spoke to aren’t voting for Hillary, “because I just don’t like her”, minus the fact that she’s a wealthy white woman, and poor Obama in a land that was formed on the basis of freedom of religion can’t beat the prejudice and stereotyping of the “mature American adult”, oh an don’t forget about him being too young… People, we have tried this old white male thing out since 1789, why is it so hard to accept change?
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Lets talk for a minute about the candidates view on the issues that are important to voters: If the Death Penalty is something that you want to keep around than Clinton, McCain, and Obama should be your choice, the same holds true with Stem Cell research, No Child Left Behind, Background Checks for people purchasing guns, the Patriot
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SPEECH - Speech: Title: Who Will You Choose General...

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