Lecture 9 (Wed Oct 12)

A majes6c pine woods b old field woods c maple ridge

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Unformatted text preview: per answer: A) What do you like about the course? B) What could we do beWer? We will collect your feedback at the end of class… Which woodlot should be developed? A) Majes6c Pine Woods B) Old Field Woods C) Maple Ridge Woods What is a Woodlot, Anyway? -  A forest in a city (urban forest). Ok, so… What is ( Forest? But first aand every class…) What is ( Forest? But first aand every class…) (Take notes!) The Learning Team: PCommuniIes, and PopulaIons Ecosystems, rofessors Levels of Biological OrganizaIon Woodlot Inquiry Case Mussel Inquiry Case ECOSYSTEM COMMUNITY POPULATION INDIVIDUAL ORGAN / TISSUE CELL MOLECULES What is (n Ecosystem? But first aand every class…) Ecosystem: a system formed by the interac6on of a community of organisms with their physical environment. Ecosystems can be large (e.g., Canadian boreal forest) or small (e.g., an ephemeral pond within a woodlot at the Arboretum, Guelph). Biomes a and every...
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