Lecture 9 (Wed Oct 12)

Assignment 5 due oct 19 by 230 pm concept map the

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Unformatted text preview: quot;: Presents information in a descending order of importance. The most important information is placed on the top. Distinguishing factors determine the placement of the information. "Flowchart": Organizes information in a linear format. "Systems": Organizes information in a format which is similar to a flowchart with the addition of 'INPUTS' and 'OUTPUTS'. Cmap Inspiration 9.lnk VUE Mind Mapper Mind View Concept Mapping Software Concept Mapping Alpha & Beta Diversity Mind View Cmap Your rst (and every lass…) But fiturn to make acconcept map! Assignment 5 (Due: Oct. 19 by 2:30 PM ): Concept map the abstract of a Journal paper on the IDH by Bongers et al. Go to Assignment 5 ``Resources`` on the ``Content`` tab in CourseLink. http://www.lib.uoguelph.ca/assistance/learning_services/handouts/ Learning Commons Workshop: Concept Mapping for BIOL*1070 •  Expands on material covered in class to iden6fy and organize key ideas within the structure of a concept map •...
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