Lecture 9 (Wed Oct 12)

What kinds of trees are found in tropical regions

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Unformatted text preview: Biome •  Seasonal variaIon in temperature (5 ­20oC). •  PrecipitaIon is even among the seasons (80 ­120 cm/yr). •  Deciduous trees dominate. Why? •  Deciduous trees outcompete conifers in summer because large leaves = greater photosyntheIc capacity. But… Think about it: Deciduous vs. Coniferous •  Why do deciduous trees lose their leaves in the fall? •  Why don t coniferous trees dominate wherever there is a winter season? •  What kinds of trees are found in tropical regions? Inventory Diversity at different spaIal scales Gamma diversity (landscape) Alpha diversity (Ecosystem) Point diversity (microhabitat) Forest (stand) Tree Watershed with lakes rivers and forest Mind Maps Concept Maps Four Major Categories of Concept Maps "Spider": Organized by placing the central theme or unifying factor in the center of the map. Outwardly radiating sub-themes surround the center of the map. "Hierarchical&...
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