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Creative Writing: The Maid of Orleans

Creative Writing: The Maid of Orleans - She had no one that...

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Creative Writing: The Maid of Orleans To have witnessed her courage as she bowed To see her pick Charles out of the crowd To have been under her command To have perceived her with flag in hand As the English fought with all their might To have observed her return to fight Wounded she did not concede A woman breaking an English siege To notice her at Charles’ side Through his coronation she did not hide To be captured by Bourguignon soldiers,
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Unformatted text preview: She had no one that stood by hers To stand and watch her be interrogated at court To know the Ecclesiastics at Rouen were in cohorts To hear her be charged with witchcraft and heresy Would to me have seemed a fallacy To see her broken and give in She wore male clothing once again Her sentence of life imprisonment Was replaced with a death by torment...
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