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BSCI222 9/25/07 1. Genetic tests are tests that in some way, shape or form reveal information regarding a person’s genetic information. These analyses include testing for newborn susceptibility to different genetic diseases, diagnostic testing for genes that cause disease, forensic testing, research testing and predictive testing. 2. Home-brew genetic tests are manufactured and performed by the laboratory that ultimately uses the information. These tests are not regulated by the FDA and would be much harder to regulate than third-party testing. Many genetic tests fall into this category. 3. The workers would be extremely unlikely to test positive for the disease because first of all, it is autosomal dominant and would have likely manifested itself earlier in the family’s history. Secondly, carpal tunnel can be, but is not
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Unformatted text preview: necessarily caused by the disease, it is usually caused by repetitive motion in the wrists, which the job required and had. Thirdly, the disease usually manifests itself not in carpal tunnel but as a palsy of the arms or legs. If the disease was HNPP it would have been very obvious. 4. HD is the gene that codes for Huntingtons disease, a lethal autosomal dominant gene. Offspring of an individual with a mutant allele have a 50% chance of inheriting the disease-causing allele. Diagnosis is done by looking at family history, genetic testing looking for more than 36 repeats of the CAG nucleotide base repeats, and looking for symptoms associated with the disease....
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