Summer2007Syllabus - ACOUSTIC SYSTEMS ARE 537 Summer 2007...

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ACOUSTIC SYSTEMS ARE 537 Summer 2007 Department of Architectural Engineering and Construction Science Instructor: Allan Goodman e-mail: [email protected] Office: Seaton Hall 254-B Voice Mail: 532-3581 Class: Tues, Wed. & Thurs. 11:00 AM—12:05 PM Seaton Rm # 236 COURSE To understand how sound behaves and how humans perceive sound. OUTCOMES & To determine the acoustical requirements of buildings. OBJECTIVES To be able to design and construct building assemblies and system components that control both wanted and unwanted sound. REQUIRED TEXT “Environmental Acoustics” by Leslie Doelle (Xerox reprint of text and handouts: $38.00) ATTENDANCE: Attendance is mandatory, just as it is in any professional office. If you must miss a class, you are to make arrangements in advance to make up exams, quizzes, or assignments at another time—or to turn in homework assignments early. Failure to make advance arrangements may make you ineligible to make-up tests or other assignments. EXAMS: Four exams, worth 100 points each, will be given during this course: Exam #1: Tuesday 12 June #2: Tuesday 26 June #3: Tuesday 10 July Final Exam: Thursday 26 July, 11:00 AM 12:50 PM In addition to the exams listed above, in-class assignments and periodic “pop” quizzes may be given over material covered. GRADING Course grades will be the total points earned on all exams, quizzes and assignments, divided by SYSTEM: the total points possible. The total number of points possible will depend upon the number of assignments and quizzes administered. Individual exams and final course grades will be based on the following scale: A 93—100.0% B 86— 92.9 C 79— 85.9 D 72— 78.9 F 0— 71.9 No “Incomplete” grades will be given in this course, except in cases involving unforeseen— verifiable—personal, family, or health-related emergencies. Should these occur and you expect to be away from classes for a period of time, you should contact Dean Ray Hightower
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Summer2007Syllabus - ACOUSTIC SYSTEMS ARE 537 Summer 2007...

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