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Exam Review II_sp08 - How would you formulate the duty of...

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Exam Review II BLAW 205 Distinguish between law and ethics. Define ethics. Give one example of ethics based on absolutism List three sources of ethics. Give two examples of how the law attempts to make us ethical. Why do some professions have special codes of conduct? Which theorist uses a veil of ignorance to find justice? What is stakeholder theory? Know the five requirements of a valid contract. Define promissory estoppel as it applies to contracts. Which contracts have to be in writing? What does the parol evidence rule say? Example of difference b/w substantial performance and partial performance. What is the UCC and when does it apply? What kinds of damages can you recover for breach of contract? Kind and what are they for? Categories of torts. Invasion of privacy-how can it be done? What are the elements of fraud? Intentional interference with contractual relations-describe it. Elements of negligence:
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Unformatted text preview: How would you formulate the duty of care of a business? On what theory did Stella get punitive damages? Defenses to negligence. List the four types of strict liability we looked at in class. On what theories can you sue a manufacturer for a bad product? Express Warranties. Implied warranties. How do you get them What do they cover Can they be disclaimed Warranties good when you buy at a garage sale? What is the responsibility of a manufacturer in designing their product? Defenses to product liability: there are three. Why is knowledge so important when we discuss negligence? What do you have to prove to recover under product liability theory in South Carolina? Who is the FTC and what do they do? Bait and switch what is it? Which government agency is in charge of toy safety? PLUS a few surprises but it all comes from the material we covered in class....
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Exam Review II_sp08 - How would you formulate the duty of...

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