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Two reasons why we need law. Definition of law. What is the difference between rule of law and rule of king? Give an example of a philosophy of law. Is the US a civil code country? What is precedent? What is the standard of proof in civil litigation? Who are the parties in criminal litigation? What is the highest source of law in the US? Give two ways in which law supports business. What is jurisdiction? List three people you might find in a civil court. How many justices on the Supreme Court and how do they get there? What is the federal diversity jurisdiction test? What is judicial review? Who writes out a complaint? How would I serve a complaint on Walmart? Give examples of two types of discovery and what you would hope to find out. Is everything you discover admissible in court? Explain. What is the role of a jury? If you do not agree with the trial court’s verdict what can you do? At what stage of litigation do you conduct discovery?
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Unformatted text preview: Describe one way in which you could collect the judgment awarded to you by a court. For what purpose can you garnish wages in SC? Who has control of a partnership? Who sets up a corporation? Who has liability of a sole proprietorship? Does a partnership pay taxes? What are two benefits of setting up a corporation? Example of a foreign for profit public corporation. Who manages a corporation? Who owns a corporation? Who would most likely use a Limited Liability Company? What is the Commerce Clause? When can a state regulate a business? Does business have the right to free speech? Explain. What is the power of eminent domain? On what basis can a state deny a business equal protection? I will throw in a couple extras- Full point value of exam will be 100 points. Questions will be marked for point value....
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