2920572377 - Hypothesis Testing Problem (ANOVA) Situation:...

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Hypothesis Testing Problem (ANOVA) Situation: We have one Treatment and we want to see if it has an influence over a Response Variable Y . This treatment is a qualitative variable that comes in a number of different levels. We want to compare the means of the response variable Y for each treatment. If all treatment means are equal, then the Treatment is not important for Y. But if there are differences among the treatment means, then the Treatment is significant. We will conduct an F test. Example: The manufacturer of a small battery-powered tape recorder decides to include four batteries in its product. Two battery providers are considered and each has its own brand. The supervising inspector wants to know if the average lifetime of the two brands are the same. 5 batteries from each supplier were selected and their lifetime was recorded. Brand 1 Brand 2 43 30 48 26 38 37 41 31 51 34 2 . 44 1 = x 6 . 31 2 = x 263 . 5 1 = s 159 . 4 2 = s We want to know if treatment “Brand” has a significant effect on battery lifetime. We
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2920572377 - Hypothesis Testing Problem (ANOVA) Situation:...

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