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More in-equality Religion-oaths Voluntary association – Tocqueville was dazzled by the number of these – people doing things in a group. AKA – Clubs in Brandeis. If you believe in equality, than the only legitimate form of social organization would be a voluntary association – people who come together to share a common goal, anyone who shares the goal is admissible. Get a feeling of community. Town meeting – particularly in New England. In it together. The circles grown – towns, counties, states and more. - Country club – won't let Jews in. - Cohen – Italian country club. - Alito (Alioto) – club which didn’t allow racial minorities in. These things are not good for public image. Myth of voluntary association. o Belonging to these associations are scorning – to be elected – one must deny membership to these involuntary associations.
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Unformatted text preview: Tyranny of the majority Chapter 15 Premise of equality if everyone is equal, than everyones opinion is equal to everyone elses, so 2 people outweigh one. No opportunity for dissent. Natural law laws of nature and the laws of G-d. Higher authority, and statement of this kind essentially undemocratic. Imposing this on others undemocratic. 263 independence of mind and freedom of expression. In America, with democracy, there is one authority and if you think differently, you can, but you will be a stranger among your people. Won't be chosen if you disagree with them. People how can you stand Bush? He is like US! He looks like us, but most people like this common touch. -The politician need to please the public, getting with the mainstream. -Race in America Jefferson and Rush?...
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