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1.30 - - Tyranny of the majority – Chapter 15 – Premise...

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More in-equality Religion-oaths Voluntary association – Tocqueville was dazzled by the number of these – people doing things in a group. AKA – Clubs in Brandeis. If you believe in equality, than the only legitimate form of social organization would be a voluntary association – people who come together to share a common goal, anyone who shares the goal is admissible. Get a feeling of community. Town meeting – particularly in New England. In it together. The circles grown – towns, counties, states and more. - Country club – won't let Jews in. - Cohen – Italian country club. - Alito (Alioto) – club which didn’t allow racial minorities in. These things are not good for public image. Myth of voluntary association. o Belonging to these associations are scorning – to be elected – one must deny membership to these involuntary associations.
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Unformatted text preview: Tyranny of the majority – Chapter 15 – Premise of equality – if everyone is equal, than everyone’s opinion is equal to everyone else’s, so 2 people outweigh one. No opportunity for dissent. Natural law – laws of nature and the laws of G-d. Higher authority, and statement of this kind – essentially undemocratic. Imposing this on others – undemocratic. 263 – independence of mind and freedom of expression. In America, with democracy, there is one authority – and if you think differently, you can, but you will be a stranger among your people. Won't be chosen if you disagree with them. People – how can you stand Bush? He is like US! He looks like us, but most people like this common touch. -The politician – need to please the public, getting with the mainstream. -Race in America – Jefferson and Rush?...
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