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National character Myths and reality Narratives (ideology) Legends Symbols (and signs) Values/traits Masks – how are you doing? Great, terrific etc. I love you! Language – we don’t have impersonal or personal pronoun. Japanese – social difference makes a big difference, in America – harder to dig out. lots of motion in American language – we run for office, not stand for it for lots of the world. Humor Dance, sins, costume Identity Acculturation and assimilation Myths – underlying nature, deep – deep meaning of existence. Tocqueville – human history is headed toward greater and greater equality. Everything was a step towards the ultimate goal. Influence of English settlers, and the inheritance of part of the English culture and such. Role of Christianity as a religion. Notion that this is a Christian country – Christianity deeply informs what Americans have understood about themselves, including equality. Phrase, ch 15 – the Tyranny of the Majority . Basically likes equality and American individualism – report card is good, but is some bad news –
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  • Spring '08
  • Cohen
  • English people, Humour, English American, Basically likes equality, National character Myths, costume Identity Acculturation

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