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National character, Culture – yths (and “reality”), ideologies, legends, symbols, values, identities, language, humar, dance/sms Is there an American national character ? Is there an American character? - Doesn’t mean there aren’t diversities therein. - Was there once one and there isn’t anymore? Subversion from within? - Culture – expressive vocabulary of any place, repoirtoire of expressions from a place. Expressions, the way we walk, sound, dress. o Ex – Russians count with fingers closing into a fist, we count extending our hands outwardly. Creating space, respecting individuality, mutual respect. VERY different from the rest of the world. Repeats itself, unconsciously. Creates a culture. - Affect of friendliness, curiosity and welcome. She didn’t actually mean to actually keep in touch – why do they do that. o I love you but we have to go. Would what she was doing actually make the child think that she didn’t love him? -
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