Test 1 - Which of the Following has prokaryotic cells A...

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Which of the Following has prokaryotic cells? A) Animalia B) Fungi C) Monera – The kingdom containing bacteria and cynobacteria D) Plantae The function or role of the species in the community is called the A) Adaptive zone – A characteristic reaction and mutual relationship between environemtn and organism (“way of life”) demonstrated by a group of evolutionarily related organisms. B) Ecosystem - an ecological unit consisting of both the biotic communities and the nonliving (abiotice environment, which interact to produce a stable system. C) Habitat - Place where an organism or population normally lives D) Niche Which of the following statements is not a component of the Cell Theory? A) All organisms are composed of one or more cells B) Cells arise from preexisting cells C) The cell is the basic unit of life Bone is an example of which type of tissue? A) Connective – Bone. Holds cell structure together. B) Epithelial – Skin. Covers or lines external body surfaces or internal cavities. If one layer thick is called Simple Epithelial tissue. If more then one layer thick called Stratified Epithelial. Use: Protection, absorption. C) Muscle – 2 types Striated and smooth. Striated has 2 types: Skeletal and cardiac. Difference is cardiac has structures that separate the cells. D) Nervous – Neurons and Glial Cells. E) Vascular - Blood If two large populations of the same species are separated from one another by an impassable river, which evolutionary process might become important in the eventual development of those two populations into two separate species? A) Gene Flow
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Test 1 - Which of the Following has prokaryotic cells A...

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