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Unformatted text preview: ore, future trend period = July 1, 2011 to Oct 1, 2013 = 2.25 years • Loss trend factor = 1.042 x 1.032.25 = 1.156 {See lecture #3, slide 36. See page 115 and 116 of the text} (2) 4. a) What are 3 adjustments that are made to premiums in the rate making process? b) Which adjustment would you use if you were changing the deductibles of all policyholders from a lower deductible to a higher deductible? Solution: a) i) bring historical premium to current levels (on level) ii) develop premium to ultimate level if still changing iii) project the historical premium to the premium level expected in the future (i.e. premium trend) b) This would be an adjustment for a change in mix of...
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