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Little Women Paper

Little Women Paper - Daniel Eaker Little Women THEA 207...

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Daniel Eaker THEA 207 Little Women 3/20/08 Little Women is a great example of how actors and actresses, while playing a role, make decisions that influence their overall objectives and goals. Throughout the duration of the play, the actress playing Jo, Rose-Emma Lunderman, along with many of the other actors and actresses, made these decisions and actions that allowed them to work towards their goals. During the play, Jo works towards an objective of being an independent women writer, who does not want to grow up into the conventional adult women. Throughout the entire play, Rose-Emma Lunderman makes decisions based on this objective. For example, Jo is a tomboy who is trying to separate from the “normal” path to adulthood. So in order to portray this, Rose uses actions such as handshakes, high fives, speaking in a different tone, and being loud and obnoxious to achieve this goal. Rose makes many choices to achieve her goals. During the scene where she finds out
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