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Philosophy Consequences

Philosophy Consequences - Sharon 1 Taylor Sharon Phil100...

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Sharon 1 Taylor Sharon Phil100 Rocco Gangle 12/9/07 Consequences Entailed by Philosophers In the field of philosophy, thinkers such as Williams, Nozick, or Strawson, have to come up with a sort of claim to prove their thesis. These claims usually end up with consequences, and sometimes their theses are flawed according to the next philosopher that pokes his head around the corner. In one case, we have Robert Nozick, the man who questioned Bernard Williams and his view on what some may call “Utopia”. If Nozick’s view of utopia is correct, then many people would be in a constant state of argument and strife. When we come to draw out the consequences of the view with which we are presented, it is hard, at least at first, to understand why Nozick feels able to make such a claim. For many, the old, the sick, the poor; generally those unable to fend for themselves, the minimal state, inevitably accompanied by the purest possible free market, is not so much a dream as a nightmare. Critics of Nozick point out that he has depicted a utopia in which some might starve as a consequence of their lack of rights to food, while others legitimately let their surplus rot. Thus they claim that Nozick’s assertion that the minimal state is inspiring as well as right is grotesquely wrong on both counts. Nozick had the complete opposite view of Williams. Williams and Nozick were both proprietors of the thoughts on human equality and if equality could ever be reached. Williams believed in the end state/distributional concept, which would basically take everyone’s possessions and wealth, and throw it into one huge pile (figuratively speaking). From this pile, things would be evenly distributed throughout the masses, leaving everyone in an equal state.
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Sharon 2 There would be nobody in the state of being excessively poor or excessively rich, hence the end state of human equality. On the opposite spectrum of discussion, Nozick basically said, “Hey
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Philosophy Consequences - Sharon 1 Taylor Sharon Phil100...

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