Bandit Queen - 4/7/2008 Modern Studies Re-writing History...

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5/11/2009 Modern Studies Re-writing History When reading the book The Bandit Queen of India , I thought that the main character (Phoolan Devi) shouldn’t have given up. She had become so popular among the lower castes and was a leader in their eyes. When she surrendered the people lost a protector. Phoolan would punish wrong doers and make examples of them as to warn any others that may hurt the lower caste. In the book where Phoolan formally surrenders to the to the political figure heads, I think that things should have gone differently. My editing of the events depict what could have happened had she made a different decision. Phoolan has just gotten off the bus. There are people everywhere shouting her name, saying “long live Phoolan Devi”. Phoolan is very uncomfortable around all these people, but she figures she could make it through anything as long as she had her rifle, which was hung on her side. She has full intention of turning herself in, but seeing all these people here supporting her cause, she suddenly has doubts about the entire idea. The military escorts push her through the crowd to the stage that is set up for the special event. On the stage she sees many people of great importance. Still uncertain of what is
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Bandit Queen - 4/7/2008 Modern Studies Re-writing History...

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