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Name: ___Katie Schmidt____________ Section: _15_____ Homework Chapter 4 1. Give a reason that a company like Lands End might find it difficult to manage data (use Lands End terms.) -need to be very organized managing a catalog and a website service -need to keep track of customer info, inventory, employees info, ect. -Because they have 1000s of mainframe applications and end user applications they have to make sure everything runs smoothly and is organized well 2. Define and give an example for Lands End of each of the following elements of the data hierarchy: byte, field, record, file, and database. Byte- a number or character; a number specifying how many shirts a customer wants Field-a group of characters forming a word; Land’s End’s t-shirts Record-a grouping of related fields; the size, price, and description of shirt File-a grouping of related records; the shirt’s inventory count, selling rate Database-a logical grouping of related files; Land’s End’s records of all inventory
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Unformatted text preview: 3. What is a Database Management System (DBMS). What DBMS package have you used in this class? It’s a set of programs that provide users with tools to add, delete, access, and analyze data stored in one location. Maintains security, and can recover information if the systems fail. We use Access 4. What is a data warehouse? A storage area of historical data to support decision making within the organization. They facilitate analytical processing activities. 5. What is data mining? Give an example of data mining that Lands End might do that is not from the book or the example given in the Lands End movie. Data mining – searches for valuable business information by predicting trends and behaviors and identifying previously unknown patterns. Example: predicting which customers will respond to a mailing or buy a particular product...
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