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leadership speech - in the way each role motivates the...

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Management Vs. Leadership Speech Jesus was a leader but his disciples were managers. He remained focused on his goal, which caused him to experience the greatest personal sacrifice-his own life. He took a group of 12 people, and in 3 1/2 years taught them how to send the message to the entire world using three teaching methods: he told them how to do it; he showed them how to do it; then he sent them out to do it. Today I will be explaining the significant differences between leadership and management and why they should not be confused as similar roles. So what is the main difference between leadership and management? The difference lies
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Unformatted text preview: in the way each role motivates the people who follow them. We will first look at a video that will demonstrate the thought process of a leader, and I will explain both roles though processes, then I will explain the jobs associated with a leader vs a manager, and lastly I will go over what happens when a company has strong leadership and not enough management and vice versa. The real test of leadership always comes in crisis. When the crisis comes, it is the leaders responsibility to make the right decision. The OS!M is an important moment because it defines to the leader that they are now fully committed to the task at hand....
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