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Greece Exam Guide - Peloponresian War(431-404 B.C.E...

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Greece Exam Guide Minoas - Crete – stepping stone to Africa “Happy-go-lucky people” Myceaes - Destroyed Minoas on Crete. Wiped out by Dorian Nomads. Greece enters “Dark Age” - Back to rural less sophisticated level Hellenic Civilization “Recovery” - Polis system set up - “City States” - Frame of reference for the entire public life of its citizens as well as private Sparta - Militaristic authoritarian - Limited freedoms Athens - Birthplace of democracy - Center of education darts Persian Wars – Came first – Greeks hold off Persian invaders
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Unformatted text preview: Peloponresian War (431-404 B.C.E.) Pericles – Athens democratic leader – starts conflict with Corinth -Corinth gets Sparta’s help because they are allies-Spartans win but it’s a loss for all King Phillip of Macedonia-Conquers Greece at the battle of Chaeronea-Alexander The Great (Son) o Conquered Persia and Northern Africa o Founder of Hellenistic Period o Other cultures blended in with Greek Oedipus Rex-A greek play-The main character tries to avoid fate-It costs him...
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