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Study Guide Poly Sci 041 Antigone Why she did what she did 1. Destiny/ Fate MLK “equality is America’s voice” 2. Personal honor/ glory 3. Impudence or hubris, a stubborn and bold unwillingness to submit to law 4. Family honor 5. Devine law 6. Greif 7. A longing for death 3. Are people really motivated by reasons? Or do they feel they can take the law into their own hands Republicans to hippies in Vietnam 4. Competing obligation family vs. state, which trumps? 5. Following God’s law trumps state law Muhammad Ali refused to register for the draft. Where does it say “God’s law is better?” “Fear God honor the king” 1) Responsibility – Antigone’s responsibility for her actions 2) Agency – whether or not Antigone consciously chose to defy the law 3) The sphere of the political – what variables are “the stuff” of politics, what are not. 4) Which variables matter more than others when we think about the question of political obedience and resisting - In a democratic USA, do people generally think that obligations to family trump political obligations? (A question of fact) - In democratic USA do you think obligations to family should trump political obligations Why individuals should obey their rulers - Might makes right, the weaker do, even should, obey the stronger. - De facto rule/authority: the de facto ruler’s will, however arbitrary, is law & individuals are obligated to obey the law - Consent – Creon has been appointed to be the city’s ruler & therefore have consented “for whoever” - Self interest – it is ones interest to obey, since disobedience is the worst of evil - Individuals obey the law when and only when it is in their self interest = humans are rational egoists = Unitarian maximize their self interests o Like consumers, understand them in economic terms o Human beings should calculate if their interests are maximized/satisfied by obeying/disobeying short term/long term interest
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- Humans have obligation o Even when self interest beckons you to disobey o Consent is the basis of obligation Crito - Should we obey an order even if we know it is unjust? - Why Socrates should obey o Socrates should do no harm By dying, Socrates will harm his children & he has an obligation to not harm them…should not harm yourself ( self preservation )…you should not harm your friends (reputation, sorrow/physical harm, financial harm) …it is just to help friends and harm enemies o You cannot harm a good man, and death itself isn’t worse so you can’t harm yourself - Procedurally unjust could have an outcome of substantially unjust - Is it just to obey resist or disobey a bad law? – emphasis justice Short or long term interest? Could I escape? What would happen to my family/friends - Analogy between politics and family ex. father child relationship and polis-city and subjects relationship o Child is inferior, but does it mean that he or she should obey just because they are inferior. Socrates is the child, so should he obey the city laws because they
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polysci041 studyguide ex.1 - Study Guide Poly Sci 041...

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