ch12 - The cost of preferred stock is computed the same as...

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ch12 Student: ___________________________________________________________________________ 1. Katie owns 100 shares of ABC stock. Which one of the following terms is used to refer to the return that Katie and the other shareholders require on their investment in ABC? A. Weighted average cost of capital B. Pure play cost C. Cost of equity D. Subjective cost E. Cost of debt 2. Lester lent money to The Corner Store by purchasing bonds issued by the store. The rate of return that he and the other lenders require is referred to as the: A. pure play cost. B. cost of debt. C. weighted average cost of capital. D. subjective cost. E. cost of equity. 3. The weighted average cost of capital is defined as the weighted average of a firm's: A. return on its investments. B. cost of equity and its aftertax cost of debt. C. pretax cost of debt and equity securities. D. bond coupon rates. E. dividend and capital gains yields. 4. Farmer's Supply, Inc. is considering opening a clothing store, which would be a new line of business for the firm. Management has decided to use the cost of capital of a similar clothing store as the discount rate that should be used to evaluate this proposed expansion. Which one of the following terms is used to describe the approach Farmer's Supply is taking to establish an appropriate discount rate for the project? A. Equity approach B. Aftertax approach C. Subjective approach D. Market play E. Pure play approach 5. Kate is the CFO of a major firm and has the job of assigning discount rates to each project that is under consideration. Kate's method of doing this is to assign an incrementally higher rate as the risk level of the project increases over that of the current firm. Likewise, she assigns lower rates as the risk level declines. Which one of the following approaches is Kate using to assign the discount rates? A. Pure play approach B. Divisional rating C. Subjective approach D. Straight WACC approach E. Equity rating 6. Ted is trying to decide what cost of capital he should assign to a project. Which one of the following should be his primary consideration in this decision? A. Amount of debt used to finance the project B. Use, or lack thereof, of preferred stock to finance the project C. Mix of funds used to finance the project D. Risk level of the project E. Length of the project's life
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7. Black Stone Furnaces wants to build a new facility. The cost of capital for this investment is primarily dependent upon which one of the following? A. Firm's overall source of funds B. Source of the funds used to build the facility C. Current tax rate D. The nature of the investment E. Firm's historical average rate of return 8. Which one of the following statements is correct related to the dividend growth model approach to computing the cost of equity? A. The rate of growth must exceed the required rate of return.
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ch12 - The cost of preferred stock is computed the same as...

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